Monday, 12 September 2011


1 st day

how is life without energy?
Lets us without energy...No energy..No sunlight...No food...No life..How do you feel?? Are you comfortable??of couse not right...?? As a student, how we want to study at night without light... its must be difficult... Our country will not be developed as we see today...

how does energy shortage affect our life?
Peoples will faces a lot of dificulties and problems in their life. 

what do you know about nuclear energy?can it be the dominant energy source in malaysia.justify your answer
As i have learn in last semester, nuclear energy is energy that is released during a nuclear reaction which is the reaction that changes the structure of nucleus of an atom an produce a large amount of energy. I thing it can be the dominant energy in Malaysia but not all nuclear is more to renewable energy sources like wind, sun and biomass...

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